Thursday, December 12, 2013

What Is Juvederm Voluma™ XC?

            Juvederm Volumaä XC, popularly known as Voluma, recently became the first and only FDA filler approved for cheek augmentation.  It is an exciting product because of its reported long lasting correction.  For those individuals with hollowing of the cheeks and age related volume loss, Juvederm Volumaä XC offers a low down time, in-office solution that can last up to 2 years.

            Usually, topical anesthetic cream is applied for 10-15 minutes prior to injection, but it is not mandatory.  Juvederm Volumaä XC is then injected into the cheek area at a deep level, providing volume and structure to the cheek area.  Ice is usually applied before and after to reduce swelling and bruising.  The product does have lidocaine built into it.

            Prior non-surgical options have included other fillers such as PerlaneÒ (lasting about 9 months), RadiesseÒ (lasting about 9-12 months) and SculptraÒ (requiring several sessions and supposedly lasting up to 2 years…if you get any result at all). Juvederm Volumaä XC provides an instantaneous result.  Although we have just started injecting it in December 2013 at the Aesthetic Surgery Center, we believe that Juvederm Volumaä XC will be the filler of choice for the cheek area. 

            For long term results using your own tissues, fat transfer to the cheeks is an excellent option that can be done awake with local anesthetic or with a twilight anesthetic.  Of course, if there is descent with sagging of the cheek tissues in addition to volume depletion, an endoscopic midface lift would be your best bet.  Please call 239-594-9100 to schedule your individual consultation with one of our double board certified facial plastic surgeons (Dr. Agarwal or Dr. Maloney) to determine which option is best for you!