Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Profileplasty: Two Surgeries to Improve Your Profile

All You Need to Know About Profileplasty There are many designer plastic surgery procedures available today, each created to serve a specific purpose.

The profileplasty is one such procedure that combines two surgeries into one with the goal of reshaping and refining a patient’s profile.

This unique facial plastic surgery procedure includes a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation in order to balance the facial structure and provide harmony among the patient’s features.

If you’ve considered either a nasal surgery or chin implant, could you benefit from a combination procedure?

The Benefit of Two Surgeries in One

Planning one surgery can be an exciting process, but planning two might seem daunting. However, combining two surgical procedures into one can actually offer many benefits to you as a patient. By planning your rhinoplasty in tandem with a chin augmentation, you can take advantage of many such benefits, including:

  • You’ll only need to recover once from two surgeries.
  • You’ll achieve dramatic changes to two areas at the same time.
  • Your profile will be carefully balanced and restructured.
  • You can work with your surgeon to create a new profile all at once.

When the chin and nose are structurally out of balance, your entire profile can be affected. Patients who opt for profileplasty can resolve problems with both characteristics with strategic changes. Many facial plastic surgeons might recommend this dual procedure to those with a weak chin or ill-proportioned nose.

About Rhinoplasty Surgery

The first component of your profileplasty is the rhinoplasty surgery, which focuses on making changes to the nose. As one of the most requested facial plastic surgeries, rhinoplasty can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. Your rhinoplasty may include corrections to a hump or bump, to nostrils that are too wide or narrow, to a nasal tip that points up or down too much, or to a nasal bridge that is too straight or hooked. Nasal surgery can also correct the overall structure of a nose that is too big or small to suit the other facial features. Finally, a rhinoplasty surgery can be used to correct functional problems with the nose as well.

Rhinoplasty surgery begins with the placement of incisions, arranged for either a closed or open method. A closed rhinoplasty is performed with incisions placed only inside of the nostrils. An open rhinoplasty, on the other hand, will also include one small incision placed beneath the nose, on the bridge between the nostrils. All of these incisions will be well hidden to limit the visible scarring after surgery. With these incisions in place, your facial plastic surgeon can begin making the planned changes to your nose.

About Chin Augmentation Surgery

Made from synthetic and biocompatible materials, facial implants can improve contour, size, and shape of specific features. Chin implants are a popular choice for patients who have a weak or receded chin or who would like to balance a broad jaw or larger nose. In modern society, a strong chin is seen as a sign of good leadership skills, confidence, and attractiveness. Patients who choose chin augmentation might do so to boost their own self-esteem, create facial harmony, or reverse the aging effects on the chin.

To perform a chin augmentation, your facial plastic surgeon will first place an incision just beneath the chin. Your implant will be carefully chosen from a wide array of sizes and shapes to suit your facial structure. Once the implant is inserted, it will be anchored to the existing bone with sutures.

Could You Be a Good Profileplasty Candidate?

While many prospective patients can be a good fit for rhinoplasty or chin augmentation, not everyone will require both surgeries at once. To be considered a profileplasty candidate, you should first be in good overall health, be a non-smoker, and have a realistic expectation for your results. You may also be struggling with an unbalanced profile because of a nose that is too big and a chin that is too small, or the complete opposites. You should also have both a nose and chin that can be improved surgically in order to require this dual procedure.

Ultimately, you will work with your facial plastic surgeon to assess your facial features, discuss your desired results, and plan your procedure together. He will help to decide if one surgery or both will be the best fit.

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