Monday, May 4, 2015

Reasons to Consider Facial Implants

Reasons to Consider Facial ImplantsNot all facial surgeries are performed solely for anti-aging purposes. Facial implants, for example, can provide many other benefits to men and women of various ages. Chin and cheek augmentation can be performed as a dual procedure or individually, based on the patient’s unique facial structure and desired results. The right facial implant can make a dramatic difference in your facial harmony, balance, profile, and appearance. There are many reasons that patients pursue chin or cheek implants, some of which might sound familiar to you.

About Facial Implants

A facial implant is a specially designed, biocompatible synthetic that can be implanted to permanently change the shape of your face. Facial implants are designed to enhance a specific area of the face once they have been surgically anchored into place. They are typically used to reshape the chin and cheeks. With the help of an experienced plastic surgeon, you can choose a facial implant that is shaped perfectly to suit your needs and wants from augmentation surgery.

Many Benefits of Chin Implants

With a chin implant, your plastic surgeon can enhance the size, shape, and projection of this key part of the face. Patients seeking chin augmentation typically are looking to create a more defined profile, balance a weak chin with other facial features, or create a better harmony among the three landmarks of the face—the chin, nose, and cheeks. A small or weak chin might disappear into the neck instead of separating the jaw as it should.

Through chin augmentation, patients can safely and effectively create balance between the lower and mid face. Patients often find they have more confidence, higher self-esteem, and more success personally and professionally. A strong chin is often associated with personal strength, leadership, and other positive attributes. Achieving this look can change both your own attitude toward yourself and the way you are perceived by others. While chin implants can benefit both men and women, the majority of chin augmentation patients tend to be male.

Many Benefits of Cheek Implants

In many similar ways, cheek augmentation can provide the balance your facial features may be missing. Prospective cheek implant patients tend to have flatter cheeks naturally or have lost some fatty tissue from the mid-face as the result of weight changes or aging. Where chin implants are popular among men, cheek implants tend to be most popular among female patients. Fuller cheeks and higher cheeks are often viewed as feminine characteristics.

Cheek augmentation can create either a subtle or dramatic alteration to your facial structure, depending on what you and your plastic surgeon decide on. Those who seek chin implant surgery often do so to improve their own self-image, capture a certain appearance, and boost their own confidence. Further still, some patients opt for cheek augmentation in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures as a way to appear younger.

Why Choose Facial Implants

Facial implants can offer a number of potential benefits for patients, far beyond a more balanced facial structure. Many patients choose facial augmentation procedures for other reasons, including

  • Reshaping a facial birth defect
  • Reversing the effects of a facial injury or trauma
  • Adding onto a gender reassignment surgery
  • Combating the signs of aging

Chin and cheek implants are safe to use for the long-term and their results are often permanent for patients. To optimize your own chin or cheek augmentation procedure, meet with a plastic surgeon who is experienced with the procedure and can guide you through the surgical process. You might opt to add an implant to another surgery or undergo the surgery on its own. Whatever your reasons, a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons is your best bet toward great results for your entire facial appearance.

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