Thursday, January 15, 2009

Options for Men with Heavy Necks?

Many men have a “turkey gobbler” neck, referring to significant excess skin under the chin along the front of the neck. There are several options to treat this in male patients.

Men now make up about 25% of our patient population. An endoscopic face and neck lift is performed in a unique way for men, with special attention to incision placement, and beard skin. This procedure helps to refine the neck, and tighten the jowls, with about a two week downtime. A direct neck lift with Z-plasty is an alternative procedure, specifically designed to target the looseness along the front of the neck, without addressing the jowls. This is a shorter procedure which provides long term treatment of the “turkey gobbler” that bothers most men. For those younger men with early signs of fullness under the neck, liposuction may be enough to remove excess skin and allow the skin to tighten. A consultation with one of our two Naples Facial Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Richard Maloney or Dr. Anurag Agarwal, would help you decide which procedure is ideal to tighten your neck.

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