Thursday, June 18, 2009

“Stem Cell” Fat Injections

Facial augmentation using your own fat has been a longstanding, successful technique. Dr. Maloney has been performing this technique since 1986, and Dr. Agarwal has been performing fat transfer since 2004. They have noted not only a volumizing effect which restores youthful facial fullness, but also improvements in their patients’ overlying skin texture and quality (i.e. smaller pores, less wrinkles, etc..).

Recently, research has shown that there are millions of stem cells in fat cells, which are being transferred to the aging face during facial fat injections. These injected stem cells are then thought to rejuvenate the facial tissues. This technique can be done in the office or with IV sedation. Future tissue engineering research will improve the current fat injection techniques by refining the process of separating stem cells out from the surrounding fat cells, and adding markers to help the stem cells differentiate into the desired tissue types.

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